To Control or Give Freedom? 

What kind of parents do we want to be?

People love to restrict, control and limit information. The most well-meaning organizations are guilty of it. Such power in member-numbers can be used to liberate or restrict. We have to learn to recognize this and nowhere is it more important than in the way we work with the children of this planet: they observe and absorb every single signal.

We influence them from the very act of how we breathe (starting with their own capacity to fully take in oxygen in the womb) to complex and subtle social cues. Children are  hard-wired to trace, copy and replace into their experience that which is gone before them: Us.

I had ideas about how we educate our children over 30 years ago, and some of the concepts are just now starting to see the light of day. Why would they have been kept in the dark? Why did no one get to see or hear them in action? I can tell you they were joyful, brilliant, beautiful, bright, colourful, laughing, spirited and creative ideas.

Why did they not flourish?

Because we all lived in the system, which wouldn’t allow their presence. It wasn’t just the controllers, or the so-called ‘elite’ we like to polish and set up on pedestals (although I have more than my fair share of rejections to project proposals from them). It was all of us. Everyone was taught from the get-go that competition was the answer, and that protection was the game. The most beautiful organizations turn into razor-sharp, barbed-wire outposts when you dare to question anything.

I have always raised those questions. I know there will be many of you like that too. I didn’t want fear to dominate my experience because I knew there was something much better. You can call it joy, which is the opposite of fear. But fear is so sticky and oppressive that most people don’t even realize they’re carrying it and it’s coating their very behaviour at each and every step.

So, when a good organization says they do good things and yet they control and restrict and sensor (through popular opinion), that’s how beautiful, good, innovative ideas get stultified.

Good human ideas are not even innovative; all I was doing was uncovering the true nature of humans. I was constantly designing opportunities for children to be their creative selves. There is nothing new in that, as this is how we are made. It’s just that every time we get to show something that’s true and real and authentic and pure in this extraordinary potential of being human, it gets squashed and suppressed and hidden.

Usually it’s because of the system of reliance upon money for our well-being. If an idea doesn’t generate money it doesn’t work in our system.  If it doesn’t flatter our bent and broken ego, it won’t be spread by people. If it doesn’t encourage followers and leaders, it won’t be supported. If an idea doesn’t bolster-up a broken system, how can it grow in said system?

So here we are, at Ground Zero, where some of us feel the world is falling apart and others say it is time to build it up the right way. You wouldn’t want to live in a house which has no good foundations, would you? The metaphorical house we have all been living in has had its good, honest foundations replaced with shoddy plastic mats. They keep the water away by sealing us up in fishbowls of inappropriate radiation, perpetuated by thought campaigns.

However, good foundations are built in harmony with the natural systems surrounding them. This time, we need to build carefully, with respect, love and compassion for our human selves and the natural earth. Collectively, we need to honour the intuitive knowledge and the deep knowing that we have come to call ‘innovation.’

It’s actually more of a recalling of what we knew. It’s finding our access points to the all-knowing source-energy field of which we are a part. We are equal creators in this game. We happened to be incarnated on Earth – whether by default or deliberation, but we are spirits imbued with the energy of creation. 

We can determine, and we can create. We must design systems for our children where the methodology isn’t the important parameter. That type of apparatus requires that listening, awareness, self-checking and joy  are the essential elements. Of those components, joy is the biggest, most powerful force and the most deliberately underrated and underused.

To witness the bursting of a smile upon a baby’s face when it chuckles, or the light which passes across the face of its parent … this is incomparable to anything material we have on this planet. No amount of gold or gems or property can bring that true touch of the human experience to our lives. 

We have been hood-winked, most fearfully, into dismissing our most valuable resource on this planet: joy. If you have that, you have access to everything: ideas, innovation, synchronicity and creation. 

Why else do you think we have been puppeteered through endless streams of wars, disease, famines and control systems? Because they know this, and this is what they fear most of all: that we humans will remember our true state and our true birthright. 

If they could just keep us in forgetfulness and persuade us that the only ‘joy’ to be had is in sporadic sexual encounters with perfect strangers … .but we are awakening to our energetic heritage. We are noticing the energetic bonds which hold us, distract us and feed from us.

We are tearing ourselves away from external systems and beginning to go within to find the true resource. And most exciting of all, we are beginning to form small nuggets of fellow humans supporting one another in this true journey (forget the big groups for now, as they are still easy targets for renewed control through the backdoors of unconscious thought).

If we just followed the internal connection to joy and pursued that which enabled it,  we would have systems so beautiful, so synchronistically organized, and so perfectly harmonized that we would bedazzle ourselves. 

When working with children, this is truly possible in very small groups. It is also possible with larger groups, especially when the environment has been configured to support it.

Over the weeks and months I shall be offering solutions and practices which can enable this weirdly radical approach to be applied to you, your home, your family and  your children. 

I promise you the waterfall from my spirit has never stopped, despite being blocked outwardly at every turn. I just find new ways to pull through.  The flow of spirit is more powerful even than that of water. It can always find a way around the obstacle. It knows it’s an unquenchable, never ending, infinite source of energy. If we can just ‘wake up’ to the notion of that one, powerful thing – the joy of being creatively human – then we all would be linked into the biggest power on the planet.

I want all families, all parents to stop for a moment and consider how your next steps can lead to more joy for yourself and your children? Forget duty and systems and rules and regulation. True joy is immeasurable with our mechanical instruments. It blasts over the dim light of revenge or control or competition like the waking day does the night.

In your life, in the life of those around you, in the animals, the plants, in the very air and water, joy is the true power. We need to remember that feeling, we need to cultivate it, allow it to blossom, feed it with situations and circumstances, projects and materials, time and space.  We need to take back our planet by putting the true essentials of the human experience first. In a world full of pain, nothing is more valuable than that, and one day we will truly know it.


About Isabell Aimee

Devoted to creating better environments for children to live and grow in, Isabel's life has seen her write albums, tour with dance, write books and teach creativity. A PhD in Architecture studying how children relate to nature, three adult children and one granddaughter, continue the line of artists from Whistler.


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Isabell Aimee

Devoted to creating better environments for children to live and grow in, Isabel's life has seen her write albums, tour with dance, write books and teach creativity. A PhD in Architecture studying how children relate to nature, three adult children and one granddaughter, continue the line of artists from Whistler.