Co-Creation Team

Founder Bob Jayco


Founder / CEO

Bob Jayco is a highly intuitive Seer, a Channel for a Higher Form of Wisdom, or Source Consciousness, called Signals Of Love. He’s been channelling SOL for 60 years with transmissions of wisdom and an understanding about Co-Creation and Unity Consciousness.

Bob believes we are all extensions of the ONE Source of Consciousness. He created Co-Creation Global, an organisation with a mission to create a movement of 300 million transformation agents to facilitate and sponsor a planetary awakening to a love-centric experience.

With over 45 years of experience in the fields of Alternative and Energy Medicine, Bob has taught in the field of Spirituality and Conscious Leadership in Business. He’s a coach and mentor in Intuitive Development and has sponsored and trained groups in Internal creativity techniques, and advised companies on personal, cultural and structural challenges to Innovation in Business Organizations.

Bob is the Founder of Co-Creation Global, an emerging enterprise dedicated to changing global consciousness. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Co-Creation Magazine, an online global publication dedicated to informing and teaching about Co-Creation and Unity Consciousness.

Marge Bigbie Chief Operating Officer

Marge Bigbie

Chief Operating Officer

I am thrilled to be part of Co-Creation Global where I can pair my technical and organizational skills with my spiritual skills to help the organization grow and help deliver the message of unity consciousness and conscious living around the globe.

Throughout my life, I’ve worn many hats: Mom, Daughter, Healer, Secretary, Information Technology Professional, Spiritual Counselor … These experiences lead me to realize that I love to help people understand that their life can be more easy, joyful, and peaceful. The spiritual guidance and healing that I have provided to the people around me are the most fulfilling parts of my journey. I look forward to continuing to share my stories, skills, and knowledge with others to help them realize their infinite possibilities and that they are spiritual beings living a physical existence. By observing the experience and going within to find the bigger picture from a higher perspective, we could all live very differently. I hope to bring this message to the masses.

Founder Bob Jayco

G Stearns

Fundraising and Investment Advisor

G Stearns is an Entrepreneur Evangelist Advisor at Stearns & More Capital with an education in philosophy, psychology, religion, and technology. As the Fundraising and Investment Advisor at Co-Creation Global, he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table and is driven by a desire to make a positive impact on the planet and its inhabitants.

G has a passion for planetary sustainability and global business development, with a focus on global project, program, and portfolio management which has lead to his successful career spanning over 25 years as both a Corporate Intrapreneur and Global Entrepreneur.  His work in Global Project, Program and Portfolio Management focuses on Global Business Formation & fundraising.

Darren Vassallo Education, Course Design and Video Editing


Course Development

Darren Vassallo’s exploration of conscious evolution began in 2011 after a spontaneous kundalini awakening. A new journey sprouted from the culmination of life purpose, passion and love for videography and film production. He has touched millions of people through focusing on creating content that resonates with the frequency of unconditional love.

Darren is the Media Producer for Co-Creation Global and works closely with Founder Bob Jayco in producing online courses, interviews and promotional content for social media. Darren also plays a vital role in the implementation of Co-Creation Global’s purpose, vision and mission through social media platforms.

After recently completing his Diploma of film at SAE Institute at Byron Bay, Darren is also the founder and content creator of Conscious Awareness.

Darren believes that life purpose is the foundation of our creative expression and that every human being has the potential to help others through sharing their skills, knowledge and experiences.

He endeavours to inspire and motivate people through the work he creates by allowing people to feel the connection to others and to open doors to a healthy network of growing conscious creators that are shaping the future for the benefit of all.

Darren Vassallo Education, Course Design and Video Editing

Matt Love

Technical Support Team Leader

WordPress front-end developer, Social media marketing, Content creation, technology implementation and setup, Data management and organisation and Mindset and marketing consultant and mentoring.

I am a conscious human looking to connect the world with the benefits of conscious living. I am a digital marketing, technology, and mindset consultant, mentor, and strategist.

I love the human story and our advances in technology over the past 500 years. I aim to help others see what a miracle our existence is, how lucky we are to be part of it and how beautiful the future can be if we make it so.


Malissia Woodall

Malissia Woodall

Filmmaker / Screenwriter

Malissia Woodall is a Seattle based filmmaker, singer, songwriter and performer who cares about Spirituality, Women in Film, and projects that create safe and fair opportunities for women, minorities and LGBTQ+ in the industry. Her award-winning screenplays, lyrics and poetry bring awareness to the causes she believes in and have featured in many publications over the past 20 years. She is a best-selling author of short stories with her latest book “Strange & Unusual” coming out this Spring..

Darren Vassallo Education, Course Design and Video Editing

Harsh Shah

SEO, Marketing Automation

Harsh is a marketing coach who has had an innate spiritual calling since his spiritual awakening at the age of 17. He is a part-time Reiki healer, Akashic record reader and loves having deeply profound conversations.

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