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Founder Bob Jayco



Bob Jayco is a highly intuitive Seer, a Channel for a Higher Form of Wisdom, or Source Consciousness, called Signals Of Love. He’s been channelling SOL for 60 years with transmissions of wisdom and an understanding about Co-Creation and Unity Consciousness.

Bob believes we are all extensions of the ONE Source of Consciousness. He created Co-Creation Global, an organisation with a mission to create a movement of 300 million transformation agents to facilitate and sponsor a planetary awakening to a love-centric experience.

With over 45 years of experience in the fields of Alternative and Energy Medicine, Bob has taught in the field of Spirituality and Conscious Leadership in Business. He’s a coach and mentor in Intuitive Development and has sponsored and trained groups in Internal creativity techniques, and advised companies on personal, cultural and structural challenges to Innovation in Business Organizations.

Bob is the Founder of Co-Creation Global, an emerging enterprise dedicated to changing global consciousness. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Co-Creation Magazine, an online global publication dedicated to informing and teaching about Co-Creation and Unity Consciousness.

Darren Vassallo Education, Course Design and Video Editing


Course Development

Darren Vassallo’s exploration of conscious evolution began in 2011 after a spontaneous kundalini awakening. A new journey sprouted from the culmination of life purpose, passion and love for videography and film production. He has touched millions of people through focusing on creating content that resonates with the frequency of unconditional love.

Darren is the Media Producer for Co-Creation Global and works closely with Founder Bob Jayco in producing online courses, interviews and promotional content for social media. Darren also plays a vital role in the implementation of Co-Creation Global’s purpose, vision and mission through social media platforms.

After recently completing his Diploma of film at SAE Institute at Byron Bay, Darren is also the founder and content creator of Conscious Awareness.

Darren believes that life purpose is the foundation of our creative expression and that every human being has the potential to help others through sharing their skills, knowledge and experiences.

He endeavours to inspire and motivate people through the work he creates by allowing people to feel the connection to others and to open doors to a healthy network of growing conscious creators that are shaping the future for the benefit of all.

Heather Murphy Education and Course design

Heather Murphy

Course Development

Heather Murphy began her consciousness evolution in 2011 during an intensive karmic relationship. Awakened by truth, she began to dissolve her layers of reality and embrace a multidimensional awareness of “self”. She travelled throughout the United States and abroad, integrating every new expression of reality that she could. 
Her passion for global communication grew through marketing, and she left on her own searching for sunnier shorelines.

After several years of marketing experience, she found her passion shifted deeply towards youth education. Reaching children’s consciousness on a global scale, she boarded a plane to Asia and taught English to student’s ages 2 to 15 years old. There she found that although she was the Lead Teacher, her students were actually the ones doing the teaching. Her experiences of culture, innocence, selflessness, detachment, and unconditional love define her worldview today. 

Heather is the content development team lead for Co-Creation Global, specializing as a liaison to Founder Bob Jayco in many platforms. She is dedicated to co-creating the development of master courses as a global catalyst of evolution, here to raise the frequency of planet Earth. 

She believes in the goodness of every individual. That we are all ONE, pure heartbeat of magnificence. She gives a voice to the future leaders of humanity and is here to be of service to all those seeking awakening. 

Founder Bob Jayco

Shawngela Pierce

Magazine Team

“I help those seeking healing and guidance learn to embrace their spiritual power to heal by connecting to the divine. I do this by working intimately with my spiritual guides, whom I affectionately call IAM. I am blessed to call Sedona, a powerful spiritual center, my home, as well as Mt. Shasta.

In addition to my podcast, Embrace your Spiritual Power, I am also the owner of Seek Within You, where I offer spiritual retreats, spiritual workshops, and my signature Spiritual Power Program.

My work includes a qigong DVD, a spiritual guidance workbook, and two published books – Healing and the Law of Attraction and Awakening to the Healing Powers Within.”

Energy healing, channeling divine messages, writing, photography, and videography.

Darren Vassallo Education, Course Design and Video Editing

Matt Love

Technical Support Team Leader

WordPress front-end developer, Social media marketing, Content creation, technology implementation and setup, Data management and organisation and Mindset and marketing consultant and mentoring.

I am a conscious human looking to connect the world with the benefits of conscious living. I am a digital marketing, technology, and mindset consultant, mentor, and strategist.

I love the human story and our advances in technology over the past 500 years. I aim to help others see what a miracle our existence is, how lucky we are to be part of it and how beautiful the future can be if we make it so.


Heather Murphy Education and Course design

Felicity Long

Social Media Manager

Holistic approach counselor focusing on a clients needs and strengths during recovery of mental health and addiction.

“Energy healer, Counselor, Nutritionist, Personal trainer, and Sports rehab coach.”

Founder Bob Jayco

Antonio Gramegna

Magazine Team

“My name is Antonio and I was born in Italy. I have always been a curious person, I have always wanted to know why things are the way they are.
I like adventures and if I have to take risks for something good, I go for it.

The purpose of my life is to realize who I am, to fully express my divine powers, and ultimately, serve others.”

“My passion and profession is the art of creating digital videos, i.e. videography.
I started when I was 18, back then I was working in a bakery, but I wasn’t happy.
When I made my first video, I simply loved it and decided that this was what I wanted to do. After 5 years I moved to the magical island of Koh Phangan, in Thailand, where I continued improving my skills and working on myself to become every day a better version of myself.

I want to inspire people through my videos and make the world a better place.”

Darren Vassallo Education, Course Design and Video Editing

Harsh Shah

Technical Support, SEO, marketing Automation

Harsh is a marketing coach who has had an innate spiritual calling since his spiritual awakening at the age of 17. He is a part-time Reiki healer, Akashic record reader and loves having deeply profound conversations.

Heather Murphy Education and Course design

Lisa Blain

“During the day I am a massage therapist and work with energy as well.

Working on growing my skills with graphic design including Adobe Premiere for video editing, and character animator, and many other programs in Adobe suite. I have learned 3d animation in soft image, which was some years ago. Will get back into 3d work again soon.”

Working with graphic design on Manu Adobe products including premiere and character animator.

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