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Welcome to a journey like no other. This platform is designed to be a shared, co-creative facility for those who understand the urgent need to assist mankind in its awakening process.

Our Mission is to provide this platform as a home base for all who are agents of change. It is intended to share skills, stories, and education to assist mankind in releasing its Infinite Possibilities.

We invite you to become co-creative builders of what we call the 300 Million Movement.

Our 30 year Global Mission Plan outlines a unique pathway to transform the future of Mankind..
We cannot do this alone and we require the resources and skills of conscious teachers, healers, coaches, and mentors to assist us.

We invite you to become a part of the Co-CreationGlobal movement of transformation..

We are Source in Physical Form

Life on earth can feel like a mystery.. You imagine and co-create every experience in your physical reality but you may be unaware of your omnipotent power.

This is the way you designed it. The purpose of your existence is to realize that you ARE the frequency from which all of reality is co-created. In other words, YOU are the Source Intelligence (or GOD if you prefer) that forms ALL of existence.

When you took physicality, you rendered yourself unconscious to your true origins in order to rediscover or remember your beginning state. That beginning state is pure, unconditional love for yourself and all the life extensions you co-created.

You co-created a physical world in which duality exists to provide dimensions of choice and experience through your physical perception..

You gave yourself free will to evolve and transform through these experiences and choices.

But you also built into your human psyche unique faculties, such as intuition, curiosity, and imagination not found in other species on your planet.

You have designed the tools for your ascension.

The missing component is the awareness of who you are and that everything in your physical reality is co-created by you and others who are also fragments or frequencies of you.

Currently, most of the global population is unaware of its Omni potential.

JOIN US NOW and Work Together
to Co-Create a New World.

I would LOVE to donate my skills as a volunteer/contributor to assist
Co-Creation Global in transforming our world and those of our children.

Signals Of Love

A Guide to Unity Consciousness

SOL is an acronym for “Signals Of Love.”

It is an aspect of Source Frequency and Love that is transmitting through CCG founder, Bob Jayco..

They are here to assist humanity in remembering that each of us is ONE Consciousness.

We are here to awaken to the understanding that we are co-creators of all there is, of individual and collective physical human experience..

SOL transmits profound and loving wisdom, which transforms, transmutes, and heals the wounds of humans and opens each of us to the truth of our infinite possibilities and omnipotent power.

SOL Connection with
Founder Bob Jayco

For the past 63 years, SOL has been my teacher, navigator, support system, and unseen mentors SOL has allowed me to understand and experience the world through a lens of love and compassion in a detached way.

It has led me to experience and understand how and why this physicality works from the inside out walking this conscious path has allowed me to manifest my intentions at will.

Mastering Conscious Co-Creation

The Power and Practice of Conscious Co-Creation

The term “Co-Creation” and the true extent of its Conscious use as a daily practice is still widely misunderstood.

This is why the Mastering Conscious Co-Creation Course is being brought forth at this time of massive change for humanity the world over.

What is it?

  • A one-year immersive education program of becoming the Master, Manifestor and Architect of every experience and facet of your life.
  • A tool to consciously co-create your physical experience by tapping into and realising the unlimited you, the purveyor of infinite possibilities.

Who is it for?

  • For all who wish to break through the ceilings of their perceived limitations, remove self-sabotage from their realities, and truly experience a life of abundance, joy, love, peace, and ultimate freedom.
  • For you, the one who knows there is more to life than constant work, struggle and suffering.
  • For every human who wants to believe that balance, harmony, ease, and grace are intrinsically part of them and therefore very real possibilities in their physical reality.

Welcome to this practical life-changing experience where Love is the ever present space of wholeness that enlightens each heart and dissolves all illusions.

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