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Become a Co-Creative Partner in the Co-Creation Global Movement

Co-Creation Partners

This is our version of volunteers. They are people who understand the fragile nature of
our world today, and realize that change can only come from within, and by co-
operative action.

A co-creative partner is a person, who desires to commit to a global movement that
collectively inspires and facilitates awareness that we are all part of one infinite
intelligence. They co-operate with us to precipitate that transformation in the rest of
humanity and the planet.

The Qualities We Seek.

We have to come to understand the qualities of our co-creative partners that blend
and facilitate a harmonious, interactive and productive team. These are:

  • Conscious Awakening to knowing or understanding that we are One.
  • A commitment to living a life devoted to fully integrating LOVE into all facets of daily activity and being.​
  • Work well with intuition and logic.
  • Have good communication skills and are prepared to work on their limitations.
  • Can offer between 5 -15 hours a week, depending on the job or projects.
  • Prepared to upskill and cross skill where necessary.​
  • Able to work as an interactive team player or leader.
  • Sponsors the growth and empowerment of other partners.
  • Stable and mature, spiritually and emotionally.
  • Stable home life.
  • Have considered all the options of engagement and are committed to the partnership.
  • Know that they have found their way here because of their intentions.

The Type of Co-Creation Partner Functions

We are looking for people in the following areas:

  • Consultants and Advisors with years of experience in their speciality, to provide strategic or functional support to projects teams when necessary.
  • Project Specialists who provide the necessary time and skills for the duration of a project. I.e. copywriters, marketing campaigns, content writers, etc.
  • Web Support and Development to provide skills and expertise on as needed basis. I.e. page upgrades, updates, rewrites, etc.
  • Ongoing Projects Partners in key areas such as social media, content creation, editing, magazine publishing, YouTube marketing, video editing, video production, course development, etc. This is the day-to-day stuff.
  • Networkers to interface and network with key influencers, social media groups, celebrities, etc., for the purpose of sharing information and collaboration with Co-Creation Global.
  • Ambassadors trained in the Mastering Co-Creation Program, who go out and form their own networks to integrate with the Co-Creation Global Movement Network.
  • Interns such as those with limited experience or those willing to acquire skills in Social Media or Digital Marketing to whom we provide FREE training courses in exchange for their work.

How We Give Back

We at Co-Creation have a culture and intention to provide an environment which empowers all of our partners to come from love in all of their relationships. We also provide the material and support to allow each of them to reach their infinite potential. In this context we give our partners access to the following resources FREE, as long as they remain with the organization.

  • Access to a huge library of training courses in virtually every area of social media and digital marketing.
  • Access to our One-Year Mastering Co-Creation program.
  • Access to our unique system of releasing and clearing any blocks, resistance and limitations that hold you back.
  • ​​Internal mentoring by suitably qualified partners for your personal and spiritual growth.
  • Access to cross-training in other areas of the organisation, depending on your interests.
  • Access to Leadership and Team-Growth Facilitation programs.

Join The Evolution Resolution

Become a Co-Creative Partner in the Co-Creation Global Movement.

Why We Desire Your Help

The building blocks of global change are
people willing to co-create the change.

Co-Creation Global’s 30-year Mission and Vision is to facilitate and support a movement of over 300 million transformation agents to act as catalysts for global awakening .

In this context, we operate as a Co-Creation network of people from all over the world, working in synergistic
co-operation and co-ordination to achieve our 30-year program.

No movement of this size and energy has ever been attempted, and so we sit here on the threshold of a new possibility of co-creating a world of love, harmony and infinite possibilities for all of humanity and the planet.

Co-Creation Global and its mission is a labor of love. The small team of passionate
volunteers who run and co-create the digital services for the organization are donating
their time, focus and devotion to being in service to humanity.

How You Can Help

At this point in our evolution, Co-Creation Global is a free service, but even free services
come at a cost. We currently have very limited financial resources to pay for the skills
needed to operate a high-quality publication and platform for the benefit of a global

We need human resources with skills such as content writers, copywriters, editors,
graphics skills (Canva), video editors, social media managers (Facebook and Instagram),
social media support assistants, digital marketers, email and CRM specialists,
WordPress web designers and developers, YouTube marketing specialists, online
course developers, publicists … and more. We need those who are prepared to donate a portion of
their time and skills to co-create the digital infrastructure for this movement to be
globally present in every country on this planet.