An Awakened World Acting in Unity Consciousness.

The Gateway to Infinite Possibilities

Experience the power of being in the frequency of your Source Self.

Shift into the frequency of love.

Transform your experience of reality.


Early in 2016, SOL transmitted a vision plan for evolving global consciousness on a scale not seen before. It gave us the opportunity and the choice to deliver its messages about Co-Creation and One Consciousness to everyone ready to remember their true nature and power.

Co-Creation Global and Co-Creation Media were manifested from that master vision plan.

Our purpose is to make the message of Co-Creation, and that We Are One, globally
visible and available to all cultures, creeds and languages.

Previously the messages to bring One Consciousness to the masses were mostly misunderstood, misinterpreted or misdirected, and we see the consequences of Unconscious Co-Creation or Co-Destruction.

So what is different? Why now?


SIGNALS OF LOVE (SOL) is a stream of consciousness. SOL is a communication frequency transmitted through Bob Jayco. This Stream of Consciousness is in every one of you, whether you know it or not. It whispers in the silence of your mind, and it communicates to all of you. However, most of you either cannot hear or simply ignore its love and wisdom.

SOL is available to all who are open to tuning in.


Messages from SOL have been transmitted through various prophets, philosophers and avatars since we began to walk the Earth. Bob has been a channel for SOL for 63 years, and it is through this medium that Source Energy transmits its infinite wisdom.


We want you to reflect on this point. It took a tiny virus, fear and 5 billion unconscious adults to stall basically every form of human activity on this planet.

This is a collective co-creation of immense proportions. It is also a collective co-disruptive event at the same time.

If this is the power of a collective unconscious humanity, imagine if a conscious humanity knew its power and was able to focus this power with love. There would be no limit to the possibilities of the physical, technological, spiritual and intellectual evolution of humanity.


You and all humankind stand on the precipice of choice, to choose a new path, a path of knowing you are all one infinite consciousness and crafting a more loving and sustainable future. Or choose the same unconscious way as before and accept the consequences of that choice.

There is a collective awakening occurring around conscious awareness. It permeates all aspects of the human experience through social, environmental, political, cultural, ecological and climatic changes and is shifting some groups into the frequency of being love. These groups or collectives are responding to an awareness of the need for change.


You are currently in a time where humanity has co-created the opportunity to see where we are taking ourselves. 2020 and onwards will open opportunities for you and humanity to reflect on what you are doing to yourself and the earth. Plus, it opens the possible pathway to co-create a future of enlightenment and infinite possibilities.


You may also have noticed something in this present time. The greatest change in the collective consciousness of humanity occurs in times of great disruption, destruction, pestilence. As an unconscious collective, you have co-created the present circumstances you are in.

The missing ingredient is that our collective human consciousness has viewed itself as separate from its SOURCE self. In other words, we all stem from the Divine origins of the Creator Self.

You were born of LOVE, and you/we are love, but we act out our lives through the filters of fear, lack, tribalism, inequality and so on. The paradox is that, individually, we are capable of expressing love, acceptance, tolerance, and generosity, but the mass collective unconscious trumps individual and smaller groups. They do so by size and frequency. In other words, seven billion unaware people override the impact of a few million conscious individuals and groups.

What the unconscious collective co-creates, the conscious collective can change. So we say to all of you, it is no longer a time to talk. It is no longer a time to deny, ponder or procrastinate.

Now is a time for ALL conscious and awakening people to come together in their hundreds of millions to act as beacons, teachers and catalysts of change for those who still need to be awakened as well.

Your probable future from here on depends on your desire and ability to ACT together in a loving and conscious way as a movement, to co-create a new world.


We have never had a better opportunity to come together and work as one unified field towards change. So far, the awakening is a small fraction of the planet’s population. We need 300 million of you to create the tipping point. Why 300 million? According to SOL that is a tipping point for a global shift. Technology and the internet allow us to reach millions of people all over the world at a pace not feasible before this time.