Become a Financial Co-Creation
Sponsor of Global Change

Co-Creation Global is an emerging movement to catalyse a shift in global consciousness.

Our 30-year mission is to provide a shared Global Platform, which offers transformation agents the facilities to deliver their message of unity consciousness out to the world.

Our Media Platform is bein g developed as a powerful delivery system of information, eventually in all languages. It is a tool to educate and build awareness that we are
extensions of infinite source consciousness in addition to how we can reconnect to the love that we already are.

We are also an Educational Organization whose aim is to provide global education services to both children and those in poverty, to sponsor their genius and
give them every opportunity to co-create their future.

Your Financial Generosity is an
Act of Love for Humanity

At this point in our evolution, Co-Creation Global is a free service, but even free services
come at a cost. We currently have very limited financial resources to pay for the skills
needed to operate a high-quality publication and platform for the benefit of a global

We need human resources with skills such as content writers, copywriters, editors,
graphics skills (Canva), video editors, social media managers (Facebook and Instagram),
social media support assistants, digital marketers, email and CRM specialists,
WordPress web designers and developers, YouTube marketing specialists, online
course developers, publicists … and more. We need those who are prepared to donate a portion of

their time and skills to co-create the digital infrastructure for this movement to be
globally present in every country on this planet.

Building a Digital Infrastructure i.e. Websites, Social Media, Training, Podcast and Streaming Conference facilities, requires considerable financial resources for the purchase of software and the development and maintenance of websites, social media and training portals.

Our Organizational Intention is to operate as a non-profit is to distribute the greater portion of any future income to our Global Education Initiative. At this point in our journey, we do not yet receive income from any source.

We are blessed to have a wonderful team of volunteers to provide the many skills necessary for supporting, building and maintaining our Digital Infrastructure.

However, we need your financial support to provide:

  • Software services to build, maintain and expand our digital infrastructure
  • Special needs projects undertaken by specialist contractors from time to time. I.e. animators, video specialists, copywriters, etc
  • Specialist skills to develop a range of Conscious Kids educational programs in multiple languages.​
  • Cover our annual operating costs.​
  • As our name implies, Co-Creation Global is a movement built and supported by all of you for the benefit of the future of humanity.
  • We cannot do this alone, but we can bring positive and extraordinary change to the human experience on this planet within the next 30 years if we work and co-create together.

For the future of yourselves, your children and the planet please…

Become a Financial Co-Creation Sponsor of Global Change.

Your donation is received with love and gratitude.