The 30 Plus-Year Mission

Awaken Humanity to Unity Consciousness


The Gateway to Infinite Possibilities

Experience the power of being in the frequency of your Source Self.

Shift into the frequency of love.

Transform your experience of reality.


Co-Creation Global is building an online platform as a home and launching pad for work related to unity consciousness.

It is our collective intention to make Co-Creation Global a medium for the voice of any person or group who is on a journey as a local or global agent for transformation.

We have co-created this space to encourage and inspire teachers, coaches and influencers to connect and share their experiences and products globally with a vast and receptive community and movement.


We have formed an integrated media strategy to deliver our message, as well as those of our contributors and co-creative partners.

Essentially, our major delivery medium will be video, comprising of these facilities

  • The E-Magazine… formerly known as Co-Creation Magazine… We have turned this publication into a multimedia blog to cater to contemporary tastes and technology. We offer this facility to a new generation of thought leaders as a springboard to launch their message on the global stage.​
  • A Video Streaming Platform… to conduct interviews, discussion forums, conscious conversations, healing and transformation experiences.
  • Co-Creation Podcast Platform… to provide an audio and video forum and delivery system for our collaborator partners to reach and grow their global audiences.
  • Co-Creation TV… a specialist subscription channel featuring high-end video documentaries and short films on specific consciousness topics.
  • Social Media… We are deploying an integrated strategy on Facebook, Instagram and other selected social media platforms… as means to feed all of our media activities and grow the co-creation movement, as well as to enhance our global visibility and that of our partners and contributors.


Our central strategy is to educate through experience. Most of you have learned your most profound lessons and growth through direct experience. In fact, all of you are wired to evolve in this way.

Our Education Platform … comprises of

  • The Mastering Co-Creation Program… a one-year series was designed as complete experiential program for understanding, experiencing and integrating conscious co-creation into every part of the human experience. Furthermore, the whole program was channeled and is run by the stream of consciousness called “SOL”… aka Signals Of Love.​
  • Mastering Your Inner Tutor… a new form of intuition, integrating the often underdeveloped intuitive capability of many, with mastering the ability to integrate with the wisdom of source consciousness. A faculty that serves as your master life navigation tool, it also bypasses your reliance on human input and beliefs to co-create your personal and global reality.
  • For The Love of Money… employs a unique understanding of the power we give to money and how we can give it consciousness and life to act as a tool to facilitate and co-create all those experiences we dream of.
  • Conscious Kids Evolution Program… a global initiative to develop and build a new form of educational programming for children, teenagers and young adults. Delivered by direct instruction and by digital means, this ambitious project is designed to teach the inner and conscious co-creation skills required for a new generation of awakened humans.
  • Conscious Parenting… They say the future of humanity is held by the evolution and development of the children. However, the parents of these awakening children must understand how to provide the love, social and developmental support to allow those to children to emerge fully understanding their infinite possibilities. If they cannot, then we can only expect them to mimic and continue the current unconscious values and behaviors this planet currently experiences. This program is for those parents who are also awakening, and the course is designed to help them understand the complexity of relationships, with children as their mirrors.


We are working with our co-creative partners and contributors to offer training products and services to our audience and movement. These are products and services that are consistent with our core message of co-creation and unity consciousness. We will offer only the highest quality services and products that provide the ability for all recipients to experience true transformation and growth in their lives.


They say music makes the world go around, but music of the heart changes the world. That’s what conscious music is… the co-creation of stories, lyrics, coupled with the uniquely human gift of using instruments and the voice to resonate with the human heart. Therefore, frequencies are created that uplift, heal, transform and transmute the human experience. Music also amplifies the love and non-separation in concert and community. It literally makes our hearts sing when played and heard in the right frequency and intention.

We at Co-Creation Global fully understand the power of sound. For the past few years there has been a quiet evolution in the music industry of singers, songwriters and groups whose co-creative skills are producing a new dimension in music and sound that changes consciousness at many levels.

It is our intention to develop and extend our platform to accommodate and support their music as well providing the infrastructure to allow these musicians to co-operate, fund, market and collaborate to develop their style of music into a globally recognized genre.

Philanthropy & Global Projects


It is predicted that by the year 2045, every child from the present age of 0-10 years will be in their late 20’s to early 30’s. There will approximately 2 billion of them, mostly from Africa, Middle East, Asia and South America as well the poor and under educated in the so called first world countries.

Our current global dilemma is a consequence of millennia of cultural and theological stories and beliefs passed down through tribal lineages and through their children.

The most prevailing of all is that they are not aware of their true source nature, and therefore, they mimic the behaviors of their forbearers.


Global Education Systems are underfunded and broken, and they do not meets the needs of young people in a rapidly changing global economic and social system… our current perceived reality.

These education systems have no notion of inner education or the understanding that every human being is born a genius … and once aware can become the architects and co-creators of their own lives.

Through the efforts of Co-Creation Global, it is our mandate that they recognize who they are. We want to provide them with every opportunity to let their genius and light shine into the world.

We plan to use our surplus financial resources to set up local foundations to teach Co-Creation. As well, we intend to sponsor self-help programs for education, literacy, social justice and for overcoming poverty, inequality and sustainability.

Given the right circumstances and opportunities, these young people can reverse the fear and lack based conundrum, where they can emerge as pinnacles of wisdom. They, as future scientists, healers, teachers, artists, etc., can assist in developing a newly enlightened and love-based experience for humanity.

We know it is necessary to provide a place where children are given every opportunity to discover their true Source Self. This platform will help them learn, apply and act in a heart-centred way towards all humans and life on the planet.


We aim to uplift everyone we touch and for them to become aware of the source of their true power. We will demonstrate how this power facilitates benevolence, compassion and love, which transforms, transmutes and heals the unconscious behaviour of those who remain unaware of the shift in consciousness.

We invite you to join us in this vast vision. We can only do this with the help of individuals and the collective who are currently awakening.

Only as one awakened unified field of consciousness can we sponsor and raise the vibration of this planet to shift the rest of humanity into a field of love and awakening

We ask that where you have time to contribute, you share your skills, networking abilities, time and social media support. In whatever capacity you have to give, we will be gratefully honoured to receive the gift of your co-creation. (Link to volunteer’s page)

Now is a time for ALL conscious and awakening people to come together in their hundreds of millions (300 million) to act as beacons, teachers and catalysts of change for those who are open to be awakened as well.

Your probable future from here on depends on your desire and ability to ACT in a loving and conscious way as a movement to co-create a new world.

JOIN US NOW and Work Together
to Co-Create a New World.

I would LOVE to donate my skills as a volunteer/contributor to assist
Co-Creation Global in transforming our world and those of our children.