“Imagination Is The Key”

Imagination Is The Key

To what? 

Human Potential…..

Like him or not, Bashar certainly defined this word with grace and elegance, proclaiming it, “the magi in action “I Mag in nation”.

You and I have lived lives where, ‘important people’, holding positions of authority, have deftly handed us the award of ‘dunce’ for daring to voice our mind when the creative spark of our inner being inadvertently ‘piped-up’ a little too loudly in class.

‘They’ (and now I’m getting personal), might well award you the prize for ‘lateral thinking’ in your first year at university – but if you continue to hold your stubborn opinions that an impulse from within can hold any measurable merit, you will most certainly, very soon be cut down to size. Our ignorant lives governed as they appear to be by the lowest common denominator of ‘fear winning the prize of power’ has given us morons in charge, serving puppet-masters, who in turn are brought into line by their own higher level yanks and strings.

Into this chain of tautly – stretched existential ‘strings’ bursts a still, small, but nevertheless irrepressible voice from within – God-Source, creativity clair-just-about-anything, -and we have a clash.

Imagine: one ‘side’ has access to limitless information, resources, perceptions, love and fun. And another has the monopoly on power, the means of trade and technical vessels to interrupt your thoughts.

We obviously have a battle, but mostly we don’t know which side we are on, nor the resources we wield.

2023 – a ‘seven’ year, is an odd time in human history:

On the one hand, we have access to all the greatest discoveries happening in real time, resulting from the various goodnesses of the past.

On the other, we have a censorship-monster, eagerly buying-up, shutting-down, censoring and doing their level-best to hold their spanner-in-the-works, to stop our glorious revolution of spirit occurring.

The key in the great confrontation of control and imagination, is ‘limitlessness’. 

No matter how much money is printed out of federally-thin air, our ability to to discover, reveal and share our imaginative insights has grown exponentially to any attempts to suppress it. And boy, have they tried!

The spiritual cup, ‘truly runneth over’. But to what ends? 

When you allow human creativity in the form of inner thoughts, dialogues, inventions and solutions to be so severely repressed and left utterly unrewarded, at some point, the breaking-point of the system is reached.

The yeast of new and subversive ideas ferments on its own and spills out of the cup where there is finally no-one to check their growth.

Renaissance of Imagination.

The secret renaissance of our imaginations is about to explode onto the scene. 

And it will first become evident in our children:

Take one freshly-planted child, conceived in love and see what Source (God) gets up to behind scientists’ backs. Children born now are more resistant to the radiation-control, chemical distortions, frequency-nets and any other diabolical systems those wishing to hold power, care to copy and distort.

They cannot be held-back: Stubborn, loud, sometimes ‘obnoxious’ efusers of Source-Energy creativity, children are less and less easy to coerce, maim, limit and dogmatize than ever.- and it’s not just them. 

Left with endless hours of ‘lockdown time’ on their hands, adults have begun to question the validity of attending their every-day jobs – especially when they realise that no matter how hard they work at them, the outer costs keep rising beyond them.

That ‘spark of an idea’, that ‘murmur in the night’, that intuitive impulse, that, ‘mad-cap’ idea had space to stretch its feet. Even with the renewed doping-down via means of the recommended inoculations, the spiritual ‘hum’ of a tide of imagination is getting too loud to ignore.

And those who have access to none of it, merely wielding the flimsy structures of power, are beginning to sense this, and quietly (or more urgently) pack their things and head for the hills.

The tidal-wave of, ‘inner speak’, clair-audience, clair-sentience, clair-voyance, or any other ‘ence’, is swooping over our lands, ready to nest in new structures for learning, new thoughts on governance, and develop new technologies (spiritual or otherwise), to enable us to interact more kindly with our environment. “For the people, by the people” is not just the cry of the New World Republicans…. The spirit of self governance of relying once more on our internal connection to Spirit/Source/God, is making its come-back as dissent and disgust are verbalised at what has become of our so-called ‘governing bodies.’

Those (rather nasty) scientists, who studied our brains and creative capacities as humans in World War 2, realised that if they could control the ‘images of the nation’, then they could insert their own agendas. They falsely believed:

1.We have all the answers 

2.If you people are insecure about your ideas, we can easily invalidate them all

3. Right-wrong, black-white, male-female are intrinsically opposed to one another, rather than two essential sides of an endless spiral of energy exchange.

Through their diabolical need to control the narrative ( and oh, is there whole lot more to explain on that one!), we were turned inside-out in our faith in ourselves and the power of our Creator flowing through us.

What was ineffable, infinite, priceless, innovative, – was vaunted as worthless, irrational, ridiculous and wrong.

But, you cannot stretch an elastic band too far from its nature. It will inevitably ping back on your fingers, or at least break in the process ( and still probably sting you). 

These controllers are then either left with the ‘broken shoes’ ( ref. Cosmic Agency, Svarru) to govern, weak ineffective worker-bees with no hope of betterment, or the biggest step of all, annihalation or evolution. 

The hoard of angry innovators no longer quietly waits to mob head-quarters and control systems. We are starting to push back, in numerous ways.

Imagination is the sum of our internal images, hunches, memories and creative sparks, received as a result of who we are: Made of Source Energy, currently inhabiting bodies on Planet Earth.

No matter how many genes ‘they’ seek to ‘switch off’, through mrna meddling, another sequence of the Godly Etheric Template can be activated. 

No matter how distorted our sound and audio-visual frequencies are made, bombarding our cells with constant electro-magnetic dissonance, our Source-Energy etheric template finds a way to override, and move around the dissonance with blockers, absorbers and safety barriers ( cells DO extraordinary things to protect themselves). 

We can die from all of their attempts. Yes- put quite simply. But, they cannot kill ALL of us and our heralding revolution.

Sitting in front of the TV might not be the time and place when the imagination is ‘heard’ but, there is now enough frequency-shift in the overall field of human consciousness (ref. Schuman resonance and charts of small businesses opening world-wide in renaissance consciousness products and services), to have changed the every-day ‘vibrational soup’ in which we live from increasingly toxic to potentially nourishing.

Never before could I openly ‘preach’ the power and the value of the work I have (rather silently) engaged in for the past three decades. But now, I am honoured and valued for what I can bring to the table. People are alert enough to realise that the persistent kindness, healthful vitality, and imaginative presence my way-of-being ‘affords’, is nothing but a positive resource, and they find themselves wanting more of it in their lives. 

About Isabell Aimee

Devoted to creating better environments for children to live and grow in, Isabel's life has seen her write albums, tour with dance, write books and teach creativity. A PhD in Architecture studying how children relate to nature, three adult children and one granddaughter, continue the line of artists from Whistler.


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Isabell Aimee

Devoted to creating better environments for children to live and grow in, Isabel's life has seen her write albums, tour with dance, write books and teach creativity. A PhD in Architecture studying how children relate to nature, three adult children and one granddaughter, continue the line of artists from Whistler.