Remembering The Divine Sparks That We Are

It’s been a nearly seven years since I first began receiving messages from the Divine Spark. My first message was a call to action …  

“At birth We [Divine Sparks] were a tiny seed that held the wondrous truth of Life,  the I AM frequency. It’s up to the adults to free us from the bondage of the human conditioning.” 

Divine Spark 

Each of us is a Divine Spark frolicking on the earth plane. We emanate from the One Flame that lends Its lite to all creation from the tiniest grain of sand to galaxies of galaxies.  We hold the wondrous truth of Life. Over the course of eons Our perennial love and light became veiled.  What happened? 

In The Beginning

In being born onto the earth plane, We Divine Sparks started out as tiny seeds of pure Light and Love. At birth, all We knew was Our boundless sense of Being.  There was no separation. We were all, and all was Us. We knew Our Self as purely “I am.” We were true love. But not for long.  The love and light that We are became veiled by all the distractions of earthly life.

How We Became Who We Were Not

Not long after birth our caretakers would anoint Us Sparks with a name.  They would proudly declare:  “His name is Mark.”  “She is Teresa.”  Soon We would be conferred a biographical self … a nationality, a language, a social status and perhaps a religion and more.   

Our biographical identity became proxies for our Divine Self of love and compassion. In the process, lines were drawn in the sand that would separate Us from others. The Divine Spark in the form of Her biographical identity would declare, “My language”, “My tribe”, “My country.”  The Oneness that is Our true nature became fragmented into numerous and warring pieces. The pure “I am” frequency soon became disguised by a socialized biographical self.  Our biographical self became our believed self and served as a proxy for Our True Self, the Divine Spark. 

The Search for Peace and Happiness

Our inherited and ephemeral biographical self detoured the Divine Spark in the direction of searching the world at large for the peace and happiness that was Her true nature. Her very essence had been veiled. 

Having overlooked Our innate peace and happiness, We Sparks quite naturally strove to find peace and happiness in the world at large.  We stove to improve our earthly situation, to have the right education, the right house, all the comforts of life. Competition became the norm.  We struggled to satisfy an insatiable appetite for enduring peace and happiness by searching in the ephemeral.  Round and round we went on the ever-spinning wheel of samsara. We had our ups and downs. If We could just get it all together, then, We Sparks will have arrived home.  So We thought.  

In the process of seeking, and having become so steeped in human conditioning, and unknowingly trying to perfect who We were not, We had come to overlook Our divine nature of peace and happiness.    

The Turning Point

Over time, a growing number of Sparks became emotionally exhausted from the futility of endless seeking and from perfecting Our biographical identities. We had adopted numerous spiritual practices, traveled to spiritual communities round the world, joined ashrams and spent countless hours in meditation.  Often to no avail. 

Exhausted by constant striving and never arriving, some of Us had an epiphany.  We recognized that all experiences – thoughts, feelings, sensations — were like tourists. They came on their own, stayed for a while, then left.  

We noticed that in the midst of the comings and goings, there was something that never came and went.  Something that was unmoved. That something – or might we say ‘no thing’ — was the eye of the storm. The eye was Us!  Having become distracted by all that came and went, We had overlooked Ourselves in the drama of everyday events. We were what We were looking for!  

Remembering Who We Are

The Divine Sparks that We are have always been shining in the background of experience as Aware Presence. Aware Presence illuminates and embraces all that comes and goes, from the pleasant and the painful.  Aware Presence is true love and compassion.  We Divine Sparks are Aware Presence.  Aware Presence is the wonderous truth of Life, the peace that passes all understanding.    

The Divine Spark is stillness. Her mantra is to remind us to “Rest as Awareness.” 

Let us do that now.  

Resting As Awareness: Freedom from the Bondage of the Biographical Self

Take a slow inbreath and release.   With eyes open, relax the focus of attention. 

Be aware of any thoughts, sounds, sights, sensations or feelings.

Allow them all to be just as they are …  to stay, to agitate, or to come and go as they please.  

In the midst of all that stays and comes and goes, notice that You are … that 

You, the Divine Spark, do not come and go.  

You are pure Awareness lying in peace as the background within which, and unperturbed by, all that comes and goes.

Know Yourself as Awareness in midst of all that passes.  

Take a moment from time to time during your day to rest as Awareness. To rest as Yourself, the Divine Spark that you are.

About Radavie Riom

For over 30 years Radavie has supported her clients in awakening from the
dis-ease of human conditioning to abiding in inner peace.


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Radavie Riom

For over 30 years Radavie has supported her clients in awakening from the dis-ease of human conditioning to abiding in inner peace.