Inner Peace Is Possible Here and Now

Can we rely on the mind and thinking to deliver inner peace?  The mind constantly lives from wishful thinking and would love us to believe that inner peace is possible by managing its chatter.  Yet, the more we try to manage the mind, the more we fuel it. Addiction to thought is the most common disease affecting human kind. 

The Birth of the Wounded Child

How did humanity end up with such an addiction to mind chatter?  We were not born this way. We were born as Divine Sparks.  As Divine Sparks, we are pure light, love and innocence.  Just look into the eyes of a new born baby and you will be reminded of the love and innocence – our essential nature – that we all knew in the beginning.  

How did we come to forget our essential nature?  

From the very start, we were groomed into becoming part of the human condition.  Shortly after birth we were given an identity:  a name, a gender, a language, a religion, a nationality, a set of values and more.

Our grooming came with rules and training that many times were devoid of love.  Some of us were physically abused and became traumatized.  My first beating took place when I was two years old.  Divine love was veiled and my heart was saddened with fear. The Divine Spark, the innocence and love that radiates in all of us, went into hiding. Despondency sent me on a long journey to find peace and freedom.

Falling from Grace was like drowning in this vast ocean, and there was no escape.  The deepest wound was not their [human’s] behavior to each other and to us, but our Light being covered in their shame.”

A message from the Divine Spark as channeled by Radavie

Being children, since we were unable to process trauma, our experiences turned into energetic blocks trapped in our body. To cope, survival strategies were adopted and carried into adulthood.  Survival strategies served as shields to protect our innocence, the Divine Sparks that reside in us. In protecting ourselves, we became unable to give love nor receive love. We lived in fear of being vulnerable.  Peace became illusive. 

The Search for Peace

The yearning for peace in its many forms is common to all human beings. There is a sense that there must be more to life than nearly nonstop stress. Occasional states of peace come and go like the flavor of chewing gum. At this point many seekers will embark on one or more spiritual paths in the hope of finding the holy grail of permanent peace and happiness. 

For those who are ready, there comes a time along the spiritual path when the wounded child, the seeker of peace, hits a dead end.  When this happens, the path has achieved its purpose: to exhaust the seeker. Having come to the end of the spiritual path, a new door can now open. 

How can we find peace of mind if we get off the path?  We start by recognizing that, rather than looking for peace of mind, instead, we need to discover peace from mind. The well-intended, peace-seeking mind, the activity of the wounded child, is the problem and not the solution. 

To find true peace, the peace that is not mind made, the veil of the wounded child must be released to free the Divine Spark. 

Unveiling the Peace That’s Always Been Here

The peace that’s already here and now, lies behind the protective veil that shrouds the Divine Sparks that we are.  It can never be found on the outside except for fleeting moments. 

Let’s take a moment to unveil the Divine Spark and reveal the peace that has always been present. 

Take a slow inbreath. Release …  Pause … Now, with eyes open, relax the focus of attention.  Become aware of any thoughts, sounds, sights, sensations or feelings that arise. Allow them all. Attend to none of them individually…  Pause …  Just allow them to be.  Pause … Simply notice.  

In the midst of all that passes, see that you, who you are, Awareness, the light of the Divine Spark, does not come and go.  You illuminate – and make known – all experience. Yet, you remain at peace in the midst of all that comes and goes.  

Know Yourself as Awareness. Rest as Awareness. Be aware of being aware. 

You, Awareness, the Light of the Divine Spark, have always been here residing at peace in the midst of all that came and left. Throughout the passage of time, you never ceased to be. You merely forgot – or simply overlooked – yourself in the clamor of everyday life. Yet in the midst of all transient phenomena, there you were at peace in the background illuminating all that appeared. 

Rest as Awareness.

Keep Coming Home to Inner Peace

Because of years of conditioning, we Divine Sparks were trapped in the “mind” state and our inherent peace, our very nature, was overlooked and yet always present.  When you find yourself lost in the “mind” state, gently rest as Awareness. 

An openness will begin to occur as waves of memories of conditioning that were exiled come into view and are bathed in the peace and light of Awareness.  With persistence and self-compassion, we slowly move away from mental struggle and discover that inner peace is possible, even in the midst of unsettling thoughts and emotions. Inner peace has always been here, albeit overlooked by a lifetime of seeking in objects, relationships and special states of mind. When we rest as Awareness, our approach to the world now becomes softer and matches the flowering of the heart.

When we are really committed to looking within, a deep healing can occur. Looking within opens the portal to Spiritual Awakening.  To be awake in the midst of all that comes and goes is the true nature of our Being. Peace from mind is true peace. It’s the peace that passes understanding..

I am honored to be a messenger of our collective Divine Sparks.


About Radavie Riom

For over 30 years Radavie has supported her clients in awakening from the
dis-ease of human conditioning to abiding in inner peace.


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Radavie Riom

For over 30 years Radavie has supported her clients in awakening from the dis-ease of human conditioning to abiding in inner peace.