Connect and Co-Create

You co-create in every moment.

  • What does it mean to co-create?
  • When do you co-create with clarity and focus?

You are an ecosystem. Interconnecting and interacting you are connected to an even greater network. You co-create through this network.

  • When do you sense a greater connection?
  • When are you aware of yourself as an ecosystem?

Nature is a powerful teacher of co-creation in my life. It frequently invites me in to explore as a catalyst for co-creation. Messages are patiently or urgently offered depending on the landscape. During my day, nature often beckons me to connect, listen, and explore a greater sense of connection with the landscape within.

I recently participated in a photography “play” shop, created to connect and explore the use of smartphone photography as a meditative tool to increase awareness and explore the inner and outer landscape. The “play” shop opened the space for curiosity, inquiry and wonder.

I was asked to create an intention which appeared simple on the surface. “Spend time in nature and create an image to share”. I wandered across the mountain landscape enjoying the vast scenery before me.

My senses were overwhelmed with the immensity and beauty of the day.

  • How do I create an image of magnificence?
  • What perspective do I take?
  • What is my point of view?

The vibrant fall landscape in the Colorado mountains invited me to slow down and be curious. I was invited to create a new perspective for seeing so a new view of the landscape could be offered to me. I opened my senses and enjoyed the landscape. Suddenly, I could:

  • Smell the radiance of the golden Aspen leaves on the ground;
  • Hear the sunlight mixing the bird’s notes in the air;
  • Taste the celebration of fall’s bounty surround me;
  • Touch the light reflecting off the tree trunk;
  • See the wholeness of life shining through the landscape;

I moved my connection from my outer landscape to a deeper knowing of my inner landscape through my senses. I suddenly felt a shift in my viewpoint and perspective. I shifted my feet a few inches and moved my gaze upwards. Above me, under the pines, was the image waiting to be moved from the unseen into the seen. I knew this was the image because it aligned clearly with the feelings I felt radiating within me.

I sensed the essence of co-creation within. A change in viewpoint created through a change in angle, perspective, and light.

I connect and co-create


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Kim Crawford