Covid-19 brought the world to a complete standstill, THE GREAT PAUSE, which gave a huge shock to the current unsustainable degenerative systems. We can, therefore, see this GREAT PAUSE and C19 as a blessing in disguise, where we can reflect on how we want to proceed with humanity in a positive way. In this mini-docu series, we explore where we are and which options we have to continue to live on earth in a way that makes sense. We review a post-capitalist society that provides for everyone’s basic needs on this planet, and that is actually within our reach today. 

“We were all forced into The Great Pause, but now, as they beckon us, we have a choice – knowing more clearly than before just how empowered we are. We could dismantle our degenerative systems simply by us choosing NOT to go back.”

THE GREAT PAUSE Part 1 – A Revolution in Lifestyle [VIDEO 4min, 50sec]

We are in the time of THE GREAT PAUSE. In this phase we are introduced to a totally different way of living in The New Normal… In part 1 we lay out this profound time of reflection that we find ourselves in and where we might collectively go to next.


In chapter one of this video, we put a critical lens on the current failing system and show why it doesn’t make sense to go back to the degenerative ‘abnormal normal’. In the second chapter we zoom in on the possibilities of how we can solve our problems at the root cause level. The Covid-19 lockdown is a case-study that proves that we indeed can change society very quickly if we have a compelling reason to do so.