Co-Creation Global is an international digital media organization dedicated to sharing heart-based, transformational, inspiring and uplifting content for an ever-growing global community

CCG E-Magazine is designed as a platform for influencers, teachers, leaders, coaches, artists, healers, and all those who aspire to elevate global consciousness. We are known for our quality content from leading authors in the fields of Conscious Living, Personal Growth, Health & Wellbeing, Energy Medicine & Quantum Healing, Conscious Business & Leadership, Conscious Parenting, Conscious Relationships, and many others central to Unity Consciousness.

Our platform is designed to be multimedia – we accept text, podcast, and video stories and articles. If you are interested in becoming a Content Contributor, please take a look at some of the examples on the site to get a sense of how your content may best fit within our global portal.

Content Guidelines

The following is a list of content style suggestions to keep in mind as you are creating your content for publication.

  • We encourage you to write from the heart in a way that enables others to see how your stories or experiences may provide answers and inspiration.
  • Aim to create positive and elevating content to enrich people’s lives and facilitate inner-transformation.
  • Share with love, respect, and gratitude, knowing that your content is making a difference in the world; and that which you give comes back to you in many ways.
  • Invite people to awaken to their true nature, knowing that we are all extensions of the One Source Consciousness, and that we are here to experience physical reality in all its forms.
  • Invite people to see they are a Source Frequency… which is LOVE. The world is exactly how the global consciousness has co-created it for collective transformation and healing. We are not here to fix anything – we are here to experience everything. No exceptions. In your content we invite you to teach and not preach.
  • We suggest you invite people to be of service to the global whole. That is, to explore and participate in a journey with their Source-Self and their infinite possibilities.
  • Encourage people not to get lost in the mirage of local physical reality which is tethered to a state of unconsciousness and to wake up to the infinite possibilities of their Source-Frequency.
  • Refrain from reinforcing existing beliefs or ways of being that are based upon the cultural or theological practices that invite separation and fear. Instead, focus upon those with love and oneness, empowerment, understanding, and wholeness.
  • Offer tools, techniques, resources, ideas or other information that the audience can experiment with after reading or listening to your content.

Submission Standards & Requirements

CCG E-Magazine is designed to handle multimedia. This means we have the option to post text, podcast, and video articles and stories. Please note the following submission standards and requirements for each.

Text Submissions:

  • Submissions can be 700 – 1000 words (with some flexibility).
  • We prefer innovative articles and stories, so please include research sources if it is a discourse on a specialized topic. We encourage personalized stories that explain a point (i.e., awakening, consciousness, healing, etc.).
  • Please ensure your content and supporting material has been fully edited, including grammar, punctuation, and page layout. We recommend using Grammarly and your word processing software to pre-edit the text. We also suggest that you read the article out loud at least twice – this is a technique that helps you pick up errors or omissions; alternately, get someone else to review it. We may reject articles that do not meet submission standards.
  • Please specify which genre or genres your article fits in. Here are some examples:
    ➢ Co-Creation
    ➢ Conscious Business & Leadership
    ➢ Conscious Parenting
    ➢ Energy Medicine & Quantum Healing
    ➢ Health & Wellbeing
    ➢ Personal Growth
    ➢ Planetary Consciousness
    ➢ Environment & Sustainable Living
    ➢ Prosperity / Abundance
    ➢ Relationships
    ➢ Collective Consciousness
    ➢ Spirituality
    ➢ Non-human Sentient Beings
    ➢ Other topics central to Conscious Living & Unity Consciousness
  • Please ensure that your articles have a clear title that aptly represents the content and context of the article.
  • Your writing style should avoid being self-promotional or intentionally focused towards a particular group. Aim to appeal to a broader audience.
  • We do not accept advertorials, advertising, promotional, or sponsored content unless approved by the managing editor.
  • Provide originally written articles even if you are making a contribution from a book you have written. Excerpts or extracts from previously published books, periodicals, or blogs will need approval by the editorial team.
  • Provide copyright free images with your text, having the right image to complement your content. If you do not have original material or access to a copyright free library, our editorial staff will provide it for you.

Audio Podcast Submissions:

Podcasts need to be submitted with the following format and supporting material:

  • Link to your Podcast – MP3 files only.
  • Text transcript.
  • Copyright free graphics which may illustrate the content.
  • A title with a 50 to 100-word content description, including the source link at the end.
  • Podcasts can be from 30 to 60 minutes. We will also consider serialized stories, and will need separate descriptions, headers, and graphics for each episode.
  • If you choose, we suggest you also produce a 2 to 5-minute promotional audio.

Video Submissions:

Videos need to be submitted in the following format and quality standards:

  • Provide a link to where the video source file is stored (i.e., You tube, Vimeo, etc.).
  • Include the text transcript.
  • The video should be a high-quality presentation. A professionally prepared and edited video is essential.
  • Videos should have good quality lighting, sound, and a neutral background when possible. Green screen background effects or video backgrounds are acceptable if you have the requisite editing skills.
  • Take full advantage of the visual and auditory options available to include in your video. Video-storytelling is similar to a podcast, except that you have the added benefit of including optics and music, providing another dimension of engagement.
  • If you use third-party videos or music, please ensure to have a copyright release or have obtained these as license-free products.
  • Creating videos with captions or subtext for hearing impaired viewers and for those who prefer this option is highly recommended for audience inclusion.
  • Videos can be from 30 to 60 minutes in duration.
  • If you choose, we suggest you also produce a 2 to 5-minute promotional video.
  • Provide a title with a 50 to 100-word content description, including the source link at the end.

General Submission Criteria & Supporting Material:

  • Acceptable Material: Text, podcast, or video stories and articles that have already been published on the internet are NOT acceptable content. This is to ensure placement, originality, and quality of content of Co-Creation Magazine on the web. We can, however, work with content previously published if it has been re-curated or slightly modified.
  • Pictures / Graphics & Copyright: If you are providing content with graphics, we need to know the original source of the picture for copyright reasons. To simplify this issue, we suggest you allow our experienced editors to select an appropriate picture to complement your piece from an approved source.
  • Author Bio, Author Photo, & Website: The following items are required to accompany your content for the purpose of giving you credit in the magazine and affiliated social media.
    A biography about the author – approximately 50 words.
    ➢ A recent head and shoulders color photograph in .jpg format only.
    ➢ A link to your website – so our audience can find you! Please place this at the end of your text submission or podcast/video description.

Please Note: Any content provided for publishing in the magazine may be delayed or rejected if it does not meet the above criteria or if it is not accompanied by the appropriate supporting material.

How to Submit Content

Once you become a Content Contributor you will receive an email with instructions on how to submit your content and supporting materials.


Regular & Occasional Contributors

As an online publication, Co-Creation Global requires consistent quality content on a regular and timely basis. Let us know if you would like to be a Regular or Occasional Contributor.

  • Regular Contributors: One who is committed to submitting one text, podcast, or video story or article each month; by the first day of the month.
  • Occasional Contributors: One who submits text, podcast, or video stories or articles at leisure.

What We Provide You:

Regular Contributors

We provide the following support and promotional opportunities:

➢ Links back to your website, product page, and main social media page are included with your content publication.

➢ Author’s name and credit are cited.

➢ Your content may be chosen to be featured in its genre-category for one week on the E-Magazine home page.

➢ Your content may be chosen as a cover-featured article on the home page.

➢ Your content and links are posted and shared on affiliated social media.

➢ If you have any programs or courses prepared that align with our vision and mission, we may give you options to do affiliate marketing campaigns and joint ventures.

Occasional Contributors

We provide the following support for occasional contributors:

➢ Links back to your main website or product page are included with your content publication.

➢ Author’s name and credit are cited.

Submission Terms

By submitting your work to Co-Creation Global you agree:

  • To give Co-Creation Global exclusive “use rights” in perpetuity.
  • That you may only use our edited and published article (with credit and link) in publications that you own or control such as your personal website, blog, or social media with our express permission.
  • That you certify this is your own original work and that any excerpts of other work are clearly cited as fair use or public domain.
  • You accept that no financial rewards are offered.
  • You accept that Co-Creation Global does not allow advertising, promotional, or sponsored material unless agreed upon with the managing editor.
  • You accept that Co-Creation Global does not allow content pertaining to the transmission of political agendas, conspiracy theories, and/or activism.
  • We reserve the right to edit your work and to choose what we use for final publication (including title, text, or any images provided), for stylistic reasons and/or copyright issues.
  • We reserve the right to have the final say on what is or is not published.
  • Due to the volume of submissions, you will only hear back from Co-Creation Global if your submission is accepted for publication.

We are most grateful for your contribution to this publication and to humanity for offering your piece of the puzzle of life. We appreciate you taking this step with us into a new dimension of human evolution through expanded awareness and love.

The Co-Creation Global Team

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