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A lightning rod for innovative thinking, ground-breaking research, and productive networking, the Global Wellness Summit (GWS) joins together the leading minds in the business of wellness and prevention across all eleven sectors of the multitrillion-dollar wellness economy. Held in a different location each year, the GWS is the event where relationships are forged, investments are made, and business gets done.

The Source of Synergy Foundation organizes Synergy Circle gatherings as part of its mandate to expand synergy among like-minded people seeking to serve the highest good.  Many Synergy Circles have been birthed by Evolutionary Leaders choosing to come together among areas of common interest or in local communities.

A Synergy Circle of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle is an independent group of individuals led by two or more members of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle who are inspired by the work of the Source of Synergy Foundation (SOSF) and/or its Evolutionary Leaders (EL) project to join together in synergistic engagement.