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Welcome, My Dear Physical Friends,

We are, once again, delighted to be communicating with you in your physical world. We are SOL, also called Signals Of Love, and we are the voice of ALL humanity.

Prosperity, abundance, money, finance, wealth and riches are words that are repeated and brought up in conversations and discussion all over your planet. In your homes, businesses, farms, villages, towns, towns, cities, in the corridors of your governments and in virtually all the institutions that you have co-created.

In nearly in all instances, when you refer to prosperity and abundance, you actually refer to the supply of the currency (money). This allows you to purchase anything that sustains you in your physical experience. In the global world that you have all co-created, the monetary system affects every one of you.

** This article is a transmission from SOL (Signals Of Love) as received through Bob Jayco, Editor-in-Chief. **

However, we are not here to discuss the money system, which is indeed a lengthy and complex subject, but to give a more simple understanding of what prosperity actually is, in the global sense. Simply put, the word prosperity, in one of your ancient languages, means to thrive, flourish, attain well being, and to render happy. The word abundance, in the same language, means overflowing, fullness and plenty. Comparable, but essentially different meanings.

In your physical experience, both these words apply to everything that you cocreate in life. Happiness, joy, friends, love, family, work, money, possessions, time, and so it goes on. We say to you, once again, YOU are the co-creator of every experience, without exception. And, in the world of the physical, you harness and manifest these experiences in an unconscious state of being. That is, you are not aware that you are cocreating these experiences – for if you were aware, you may prefer to co-create different choices, individually and collectively.

There is much discussion on your planet about inequality, which really means an imbalance in money supply rendered to much of your global population, and that poverty and lack seem to predominate throughout. It actually has been so for tens of thousands of years. Struggle has been mankind’s nemesis for eons. This struggle is because you are in separation from the origins of your being, namely Infinite Source Creator. When YOU co-created this reality to experience ALL that is, you allowed yourselves to co-create through the process of duality. This means you could unconsciously co-create lack or abundance, freedom or control, fear or love and so forth. We are sure if you knew that there is another option, you would choose the conscious path of co-creating and manifest only positive, loving and uplifting experiences.

However, you co-created duality for a reason – that is to learn, grow, transform and to evolve as individuals, collectives and as a species.

One of the most constant duality principles that pervade all cultures, and affects every facet of prosperity and abundance, is Giving and Receiving. You have been conditioned to Give – to give of your toil, time, love, money, food, lodgings and so on. To those who do not know they can co-create their own prosperity experience, you are culturally conditioned to do so. Have you ever tried breathing an out breath and trying to hold it forever? It cannot be done. The outflow of energy is one way, and totally imbalanced. We are meant to breathe in and out and that breathing process is in balance.

So Giving and Receiving must also be in balance. For, if you are in limited supply, then Giving indefinitely without Receiving means eventually, you will have no more to Give.

To really understand true prosperity, you need to understand the principle of Receiving. That is, to understand that YOU are the co-creator of all your physical experiences. That as an extension of Infinite Source Self, the supply of abundance flows through you as LOVE. Indeed my physical friends, LOVE is the currency of what you call the Universe and we call the Innerverse.

When you consciously begin to become aware of this fact, you begin to open your hearts to ACCEPT the Love of yourself as Source, and open to Receive that love fully, gratefully and without limits into your physical lives. With this, separation disappears, lack evaporates, fear melts and love infuses itself into every part of your being and experience. You can now accept, manifest and co-create anything you consciously desire because you love that as much as you love yourself.

Consider it in this way. When you open your hearts to receive the love of source that you are, it’s like asking for the magic carpet of Source Love to deliver every worldly gift and desire to Your door, provided to you fully willing to receive. There is, of course, much more to this story, which we will transmit at another time.

Love yourselves, my friends. Love all those that enter your experience… For they are the unconscious mirrors of YOU.

In Profound and Infinite Love,


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Bob Jayco

Bob is great and is a channeler for SOL.