Mastering Conscious Co-Creation

The Power and Practice of Conscious Co-Creation

with Bob Jayco & Signals of Love

The term “Co-Creation” and the true extent of its Conscious use as a daily practice is still widely misunderstood.

This is why the Mastering Conscious Co-Creation Course is being brought forth at this time of massive change for humanity the world over.





Bob Jayco


Bob Jayco is a highly intuitive Seer, a Channel for a Higher Form of Wisdom, or Source Consciousness, called Signals Of Love. He’s been channelling SOL for 60 years with transmissions of wisdom and an understanding about Co-Creation and Unity Consciousness. 

Spirit Guide

“SOL” an acronym for “Signals Of Love,” which…

…is an aspect of Source Frequency and Love that is transmitting through Bob Jayco and others.

…is here to assist humanity in remembering that each of us is ONE Consciousness.

…transmits profound loving wisdom.

…transforms, transmutes and heals wounds.

…opens each of you to the truth of your infinite possibilities and omnipotent power

What is it?

  • A one-year immersive education program of becoming the Master, Manifestor and Architect of every experience and facet of your life.
  • A tool to consciously co-create your physical experience by tapping into and realising the unlimited you, the purveyor of infinite possibilities.

    Who is it for?

    • For all who wish to break through the ceilings of their perceived limitations, remove self-sabotage from their realities, and truly experience a life of abundance, joy, love, peace, and ultimate freedom.
    • For you, the one who knows there is more to life than constant work, struggle and suffering.
    • For every human who wants to believe that balance, harmony, ease, and grace are intrinsically part of them and therefore very real possibilities in their physical reality.

    Course Take-away

    Perpetual change in looking life from a new co-creation lens which will allow the participants to perceive life as true experiences of happiness, love, peace, and satisfaction. The participants will become change agents who will be practitioners of co-creation and help society evolve into its actual form – conscious co-creation.

      Course Content

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